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Vatican Museums, Viale Vaticano, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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3 hours

Embark on a Vatican private tour, tailored just for you. Enjoy VIP access to Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. With a Vatican VIP tour, explore at your own pace, customize your itinerary, and ask questions freely. It’s your exclusive journey through the heart of Vatican City.

Please note that access to St. Peter’s Basilica is not included. However, travelers receive free pass to explore the basilica independently. Please be aware that St. Peter’s Basilica may be closed for religious purposes on scheduled tour days. We take no responsibility for facilitating access to St. Peter’s Basilica as part of your tour experience.

VIP Private Vatican Tours Itineraries


Everyday (except Sundays and Vatican holidays)


3 hours

Tour Departure Point:

Via Germanico, 40, 00192 Roma RM

Tour Time:

25 minutes before the scheduled start of the tour

Tour Guide:

Private Tour Guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian

Tour start time:

8:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 am, and 2:30 pm

Tour Size:

2 to 8 Traveler

Enjoy Private Vatican Museums VIP Tours with Sistine Chapel

Our Best Private Vatican Tours with an expert Rome private tour guide would likely include a visit to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

The private Vatican city tours would be led by a knowledgeable guide who can provide information and context about the art and architecture of the Vatican, as well as the history and culture of the Catholic Church. This Private tour Vatican can be tailored to the interests of the group and may include access to areas not typically open to the public. Here is what our VIP Private Vatican Tours itinerary looks like:

Meet your private tour guide Rome at the designated meeting point near the Vatican City. That is Via Germanico, 40, 00192 Roma RM. From there we will start our journey.

Throughout the private tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel, you’ll receive personalized assistance and skip-the-line access to the Vatican Museums.

Begin your tour with a briefing on the Vatican Museum map, outlining the highlights and must-see attractions.

Explore the Vatican Museums VIP Tours, including the Gallery of Maps, Raphael Rooms, and other renowned collections.

Enjoy a Sistine Chapel private tour, marveling at Michelangelo’s masterpiece ceiling and Last Judgment fresco.

Delve into the history and significance of the Sistine Chapel with insights from our knowledgeable guide.

Exclusively experience the Vatican Museum plan, away from the crowds, with ample time for reflection and appreciation.

Continue your journey with a private tour of the Vatican City, learning about its rich cultural and religious heritage.

Benefit from a small group setting, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience throughout the tour.

Conclude your VIP private Vatican tours with a deeper understanding of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel’s significance.

Bid farewell to your guide with memories to cherish and newfound knowledge about one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Please note that St. Peter’s Basilica is not included in this tour but can be visited independently by travelers. However, access to St. Peter’s Basilica may be restricted for religious purposes on certain days.

Additionally, this Vatican small group tour allows you to move at your own pace and make adjustments to the itinerary if desired. You can also request to see areas that may not be included on a regular tour.

Also, private tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, rather than having to follow a fixed schedule.

It’s also important to note that, due to the limited space and high demand of the Vatican Museums, some areas may have a maximum capacity and they would limit the group size accordingly.

So in this case, kindly contact us before confirming the tour.

What to see at Private Vatican City Tours

Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel via private Vatican tour offer an in-depth look at the art, architecture, and history of the Vatican.

Vatican Museums VIP Tours:

A Vatican Museum private tour allows you to see some of the hidden beauty of the museums that may be missed on a regular tour. Some examples of these hidden gems include:

  • The Pio-Clementine Museum:

  • The Pio-Clementine Museum is a part of the Vatican Museums. It’s named after two popes, Pope Clement XIV and Pope Pius VI, who played significant roles in its establishment and development. This museum houses a vast collection of ancient sculptures. Including famous pieces like the Apollo Belvedere and the Laocoön Group.

  • The Cortile del Belvedere:

  • This courtyard houses many sculptures, including the famous Apollo Belvedere and the Laocoön group. It’s an open-air area of the Vatican Museums that is not always included on regular tours. But our Rome private guide can take you there and give you more information about the sculptures.

  • The Ethnological Missionary Museum:

  • This museum is not typically included on regular tours, but it houses a collection of artifacts from around the world. Including masks, textiles, and ceramics. It provides an interesting perspective on the cultural exchange that occurred during the age of exploration.

  • Cabinet of the Masks Vatican Tour:

  • This small room is often overlooked by visitors, but it contains a fascinating collection of masks from ancient Rome and Greece. The best of the Vatican private guided tour can provide more information about the history and significance of the masks.

  • The Vatican Library:

  • The Vatican Library is not open to the general public but with a private tour. It’s possible to visit this section of the Vatican Museums. It contains one of the world’s oldest and most extensive collections of books and manuscripts and is an important research center for scholars.

  • The Candelabra Gallery:

  • The Candelabra Gallery is a long corridor filled with ancient marble candle sticks that are displayed on both sides. It’s a beautiful and peaceful area, often less crowded, and with a personal tour guide Rome, you will have more time to admire the different cand sticks.

    Keep in mind that these options may not be always available, as the Vatican museums have certain areas that are closed for restoration or not included in regular tours. But your private tour guide Rome Italy will be able to give you the most up-to-date information on what is open and available to visit during your tour.

Private Sistine Chapel Tour:

The Sistine Chapel private tour would also include a visit to the most famous museum. By taking this tour you will understand why the famous chapel is famous for its ceiling painted by Michelangelo. The visit also included some hidden gems.

  • The Ignudi:

  • These are the four nude figures located in the top corners of the ceiling fresco. They were added by Michelangelo as a symbol of the human form and its beauty. Our private tours of Rome and Vatican will provide you with more information about the significance of these figures and the meaning behind them.

  • The Prophets and Sibyls:

  • These are the figures located on the upper part of the walls, around the windows. They are lesser-known figures, but they’re just as important as the main scenes of the ceiling fresco. With our private tour of Sistine Chapel, you can have more information about the stories and figures represented in these frescoes.

  • The details of the ceiling:

  • The ceiling fresco is one of the most famous artworks in the world, but it’s also one of the most complex. With Vatican City private tours, you’ll have more time to look at the details and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that went into creating it. The guide will also be able to point out specific details and explain their significance.

  • The Tapestries:

  • The Sistine Chapel also houses a set of tapestries, which are based on cartoons by Raphael, which are not always included on regular tours. Your private guide will be able to show you these tapestries and give you more information about the stories and figures represented in them.

  • The Restoration:

  • The Sistine Chapel underwent an extensive restoration process that was completed in the 1990s. With our private guide, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the restoration and the methods used to preserve the frescoes for future generations.

St. Peter’s Basilica:

After concluding our private tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel, you have the option to extend your exploration with a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, an iconic landmark renowned for its historical significance and breathtaking artworks. While it’s not included in our private Vatican city tours you can utilize a complimentary pass to enter the basilica at your leisure once the tour concludes.

Inside St. Peter’s Basilica, you’ll discover a wealth of history and artistry, including masterpieces by Michelangelo. Such as the awe-inspiring “Pieta” and the remarkable “Laurentian Stairway.” However, please note that access to St. Peter’s Basilica may be restricted on certain occasions beyond our control.

While we cannot guarantee entry to St. Peter’s Basilica, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to delve deeper into the rich cultural heritage of Vatican City at your own pace.

Main highlights of the Vatican VIP Tour

  • A unique and comprehensive experience of Vatican City.

  • Private tour of the Vatican with early entry without lines.

  • Offers the opportunity to see hidden gems of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

  • Visit the Ignudi, the Candelabra Gallery, the Cabinet of Masks, and the Ethnological Missionary Museum.

  • Allows for a more personalized experience; alter the itinerary as needed.


  • A private guide to lead the tour

  • Access to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

  • Entrance fees to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

  • Flexibility in terms of tour scheduling

  • Ability to tailor the tour to the interests of the group

  • Opportunity to see areas not typically open to the public


  • Transportation to and from the Vatican

  • Guided tour at St.Peter’s Basilica

  • Meals or snacks

  • Souvenirs or other personal expenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The disabled visitors who have verified invalidity of more than 74% are given free admission to the Vatican Museums. Additionally, free entry is offered to a companion for those tourists who are not self-sufficient.

We don’t offer free tickets for disabled visitors. These free entry tickets for the disabled and accompanying persons are distributed directly at the special permissions and/or reception desks in the museum hall upon presentation of an invalidity certificate. When necessary, a companion of a visitor with a disability is given priority skip-the-line entry.

If you need a wheelchair, you can obtain one from the Museum cloakroom for free with a valid ID and a deposit.

It’s not always simple for persons with disabilities to enter sites or museums, and many might not even be aware that they are entitled to free admission. The staff of the Vatican Museums is always sensitive to the needs of visitors with disabilities. The Vatican has made accessible to Blind and Deaf visitors by designing appropriate free tours that are offered upon request. Visitors with disabilities cannot tour the Vatican Gardens.

Ans: Yes, 100%. The Private Vatican City tours are the best experience you can have in the Vatican. We advise you to choose a small group tour rather than signing up for a big group tour. A tour with a small group guarantees a cozy setting and a leisurely visit through the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. A private tour is the best choice if you want a more personalized experience with your guide giving you their full focus.

Ans: Definitely! The Vatican VIP tour offers an unparalleled experience, providing exclusive access to areas not open to the general public. Such as the Vatican Museums before they open or after they close. With skip-the-line privileges and personalized attention from knowledgeable guides, the VIP private Vatican tours immerse you in the rich history and artistry of Vatican City without the crowds. While it may come at a higher cost, the intimate and in-depth exploration makes it a truly worthwhile experience for those with a keen interest in Vatican culture and heritage.

Ans: Yes, private tours of the Vatican are available through official Vatican Museum Tickets. These luxury Vatican tours offer personalized itineraries and exclusive access to certain areas not open to the general public.

Ans: Our Vatican Private tour allows you to have a VIP tour of Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. You can enter those attractions’ hidden spots that were only accessed by kings and Popes from history. You can explore anything at your own speed here. There’s no need to cope with crowds. The private tour guide will get to know you and explain everything in detail.

Some additional advantages of a personalized tour include:

  • You can travel around the attractions at your own pace.
  • The tour guide will pay you enough attention.
  • You can tailor the tour itinerary to your specific interests.
  • You’ll learn a lot of insider information and tips.

Ans: Private Vatican tours are simply more enjoyable! You can bond more easily and get to know the folks you’re touring with when you’re in a smaller group of no more than 2 to 8 people. To make sure you have a nice day, your tour guide will go above and beyond.

The best way to see everything you want while visiting the Vatican is on a private tour. You will undoubtedly have a fantastic experience with a personalized itinerary and your tour guide. Additionally, you’ll learn insider information and tricks not included in a guidebook.

The private guided tour at Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica allows you to observe closely the finest and largest art collections here. You can explore the Gallery of Maps, tapestries, Raphael’s Rooms, and St. Peter Dome, and know the history beneath it. It’s the best way to get the most out of your tour. So why are you still waiting?

Ans: The best private Vatican tour depends on your preferences. Such as the duration of the tour, specific areas you want to visit, and your budget. Look for reputable tour operators such as Vatican Museum Tickets with knowledgeable guides and customizable itineraries.

Ans: The duration of a private tours of Rome and Vatican typically lasts around 3 hours. This timeframe allows for a comprehensive exploration of key highlights within the Vatican Museums, including iconic masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms, as well as other significant areas such as the Gallery of Maps and the Gallery of Tapestries. Additionally, private tours of the Vatican offers the flexibility to customize the itinerary based on your interests, ensuring a rich and engaging experience tailored to your preferences.

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to explore the Vatican independently. However, navigating the vast museums and understanding the significance of the artworks and historical artifacts may be challenging without a guide.

Ans: The prime experience at the Vatican typically offers skip-the-line access, guided tours, and access to certain restricted areas. On the other hand, VIP experiences often include additional perks like exclusive access to areas not open to the general public, personalized tours, and dedicated staff assistance.

Ans: The Vatican Museums house numerous remarkable rooms. But some of the most renowned include the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms, Gallery of Maps, and the Gallery of Tapestries. Each room showcases exquisite artworks and historical significance, making them must-visit highlights during a Vatican Private tour after hours.

Ans: These Best Private Vatican tours are available in 5 different languages. English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian. Whatever your language preference is just select that during tour booking time. Simply choose your preferred language during the tour booking process.

Please call us at +39 062 757 630 (Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm) after choosing your chosen tour language to verify if it is available. We will be happy to assist in this regard.

Ans: Vatican private tour after hours gives you complete freedom and flexibility. The tour’s schedule and itinerary are tailored to you. Your preferences are taken into consideration when choosing activities, types of events, and so on.

Keep in mind that the itinerary of this VIP access tour can change due to the nature of the tour. Vatican authorities can limit access to secret rooms and tunnels based on availability.

Ans: Wheelchair access is not available on this tour. Please let us know in advance if you or any member of your group requires a wheelchair or crutches to move about.

On request, best private tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel can be arranged to accommodate these and other unique needs. You need to contact us in advance so that we can accommodate you.

Ans: You can bring a small bag with you that has the necessary items. During the visit, do not bring any large bags or luggage, as it is not permissible to enter the attraction with large bags.

Also, there is a list of things that you shouldn’t bring with you during the VIP Vatican tours.

  • Strollers are not allowed at Saint Peter’s Basilica
  • Bottles made of glass.
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Tripods and professional photography equipment or art supplies
  • Harmful objects
  • Cigarettes
  • Luggage

Ans: Depending on what you wish to include in your Best private Vatican tours, private guide charges vary.

This private Vatican tours cost centered around 2 main attractions of Rome. Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

Therefore, the price per adult starts at €150.00 for a tour that lasts about 3 hours for each group of up to 8 persons. We always offer the best and most exclusive tours for you. So don’t delay and reserve your private Vatican tour right now!

Ans: Yes, there are discounts available for young travelers between the ages of 6 and 18 as well as children between the ages of 0 and 6. Students under 25 can also take advantage of the reductions, but they must present a student ID as identification of their eligibility.

There are certain specific discounted prices available for EU citizens. Mainly they can avail of two types of tickets. Reduced ticket prices are applicable for EU citizens who are aged between 18 to 25. And EU complimentary tickets are applicable for EU citizens ages 6 to 18.

Please be aware that prices can change based on the location. Prior to purchasing the ticket, kindly review the booking criteria.

Ans: Yes, Vatican City mostly contains religious sites, so there is a strict dress code all year round that has to be maintained by men and women. Visitors’ shoulders must be covered and their pants/skirts must be below the knee. For shoe style, do not wear flip-flops or casual sandals.

Ans: As already mentioned above, there is a clothing code that must be followed when visiting the Vatican. Jeans are okay as long as they cover your knees.

Ans: This is a private Vatican tour, so the member of the group is always limited. Each group will have just members of 2 to 8 maximum. So if you need more private settings you can book this private tour alongside just your family members.

Ans: Yes, you can. A private tour means you can customize the tour’s itinerary totally around you. A private tour of Sistine Chapel–after hours often includes a private tour guide and a group of no more than 8 persons.

However, with the customization option within the same group, you can adjust the group size regardless of the number. More than 12 persons can be added to the group.

If you have more than 8 family members, please contact us before the tour booking process. So we can accommodate you according to your requirements.

Ans: Yes, we have a hotel pick-up/drop-off service available. But this is optional and comes with an extra charge. You have to choose the hotel transportation service during the tour booking process and based on the availability we arrange the transportation for your group.

Ans: The best way to tour St Peter’s Basilica is by hiring a Private Guide Tour. The group will be small. When you visit St. Peter’s Basilica, you can revisit everything the private guide explains about its interior. In all of Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica has the greatest vista.

If you’re unsure about specific rules regarding cell phone usage in the Sistine Chapel, contact the Sistine Chapel tours official website – Vatican Museum Tickets.

Ans: The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are open to visitors every day from 9 am to 4 pm, except on Sundays.

Please be aware that the Basilica, being a place of worship, may occasionally close for religious activities without prior notice. It is important to note that St. Peter’s Basilica is closed on Easter, December 24 and 31, and other religious holidays.

If, during your guided tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, the Basilica happens to be closed, we regret to inform you that it won’t be possible to visit it on that particular day.

Normally, St. Peter’s Basilica has another door that allows visitors to walk straight from the Sistine Chapel to the Basilica. However, please note that this door might occasionally be closed due to various reasons beyond our control. It is important to mention that access to the Basilica is not included in this tour.

While the guided tour does not include a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, you are welcome to explore the grandeur of the Basilica at your own pace using the Free Pass. Please keep in mind that there won’t be a guided tour available for the Basilica itself.

Ans:This tour falls under ‘All Sales final’ status. That means, this tour is non-refundable and cannot be canceled once booked.

Ans: It is best to be at the tour meeting spot 25 minutes early. The customer must arrive on time. If you arrive late or don’t show up, we are sorry but we cannot accommodate you because we are already at the tour destination with other participants. Furthermore, the Vatican tour ticket price is non-refundable. A refund or cancellation of the Vatican Private Tour ticket is not possible. As a result, if you miss it, you will not be refunded your ticket money.

Ans: Yes, you can take pictures inside the Vatican Museums as long as you don’t turn on the flash. But you can’t take pictures in the Chapel, it is strictly prohibited to take pictures here as it is regarded as a religious place.

To capture your priceless moment at the Vatican in a snapshot that will last a lifetime, you may also hire professional photographic services from us. But there is a fee associated with this and it is optional. During the tour booking process, you must select the professional photographer service option. We will get in touch with you to arrange a photographer for your group.

Ans: Call us at +39 062 757 630 to cancel any trip; we’re available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please review other cancellation-related FAQs of this tour and the Cancellation & Refund Policy of Vatican Museum Tickets before canceling this tour.

Furthermore, the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel guided tour cost is non-refundable. A refund or cancellation of the Vatican ticket is not possible. As a result, if you miss it, you will not be refunded your ticket money.

Ans: At Vatican Museum Tickets, we are acutely aware of the circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are solely responsible for keeping you up to date with the most correct information.

After the post-COVID-19, reserving your ticket online is required to avoid unnecessary gathering in the ticket office.

There is no longer a requirement for a Green Pass, vaccination certificate, or test certificate to access the Vatican. Furthermore, there is no certificate needed to enter restaurants, museums, historical sites, etc. When traveling to Vatican City, there is no need for quarantine.

You need to take the following measures while on the tour:

  • You are required to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose the entire time you are here. Wearing a mask is still required in some locations.
  • Maintain a social distance while on the tour.
  • While entering the venues, the visitor’s temperature could be checked. A body temperature of 37.5° C or above may prevent entry to the location.
  • Due to social distance, guided tours now only allow a certain number of participants, including the guides.

Visit Covid-19 Update for the latest travel information at the Vatican.

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